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I say deceptively because the movie appears structured as standard wish-fulfillment fare. A small-town high schooler works in a pub, dreams of being a singer, then wins the reality TV lottery and makes it to the finals in London. There she'll perform for a global viewership — and, more importantly, for stokers of the star-maker machine.

Look closely, though, and a subtext comes into focus. I don't want to spoil it, just let you know it's there. The heart of the film is the unlikely alliance between year-old Violet and a pot-bellied sixtysomething Croatian former opera star. Zlatko Buric's Vlad is the movie's secret weapon. The disheveled dude catches Violet's act one night and offers to manage her. The odd coupling provides Minghella with fodder for any number of offbeat, often touching scenarios, such as Vlad's introduction to Violet's mother Agnieszka Grochowska.

Minghella knows his music history. He sees the absurdity in the situation when Violet and the other aspiring vocalists discover the first order of business is dancing : mastering those Paula Abdul-style moves that Janet Jackson, Madonna and all those annoying boy bands employed in the '80s to distract from their inability to play an instrument.

It's no coincidence that Violet never uses those moves when she competes. I suspect the filmmaker had Lorde in mind when creating the character. She's quiet, inward. But something in her leaps to life when she grabs a mic. Her body jerks in response to emotional voltage, not robotic choreography.

Also, Violet ends up collaborating with Jack Antonoff, so there's that. Teen Spirit is a far smarter movie than most reviewers are grasping. It's beautifully written and masterfully acted, with a savvily curated soundtrack and performance segments gorgeously imagined by cinematographer Autumn Durald. It's the oddest sort of love story, but a love story nonetheless, without a single boyfriend in sight. You'll see. And if you aren't already misty by the final scenes, you're a vampire.

The original print version of this article was headlined "Teen Spirit". Teen Spirit is not showing in any theaters in the area. Seven Days moderates comments in order to ensure a civil environment. Please treat the comments section as you would a town meeting, dinner party or classroom discussion. In other words, keep commenting classy! Biddlecomb and D. Umesh P. Nihan S.

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    Romanian - English Dictionary | Stress (Linguistics)

    Katz, St. Alexander F. Card, University of Central Missouri PM Groups with the weak minimal condition on non-permutable subgroups. Laxmi K.

    jovanagioia's Other Instagram Friends

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    Teen Spirit: A stylish if familiar pop star drama

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